Sri Lanka

I want to express my utmost gratitude to the Isico teaching staff. Thank you very much! I want to share how the scoliosis masterclass has impacted my practice and the whole hospital's management of scoliosis patients. I am a young physiatrist who just graduated in 2018 and am practicing at the Philippine Orthopaedic Centre, which focuses on orthopaedics and rehabilitation cases, including scoliosis. The master course provided the most in-depth, detailed, evidence-based, and up-to-date discussion of all aspects of idiopathic scoliosis, from diagnosis, monitoring to management. It has helped me to explain better to my patients and their parents their condition, the natural history, as well as the options for their informed decision-making. I appreciate that the course has even presented up-to-date knowledge on the field, even those preliminary findings from the ongoing studies that are not yet published. I'm going to share all these learnings with residents in training in rehabilitation medicine. I now have a wider perspective on scoliosis, and one example of important take-home learning is the importance of the sagittal profile and how to assess it. All these learnings from this course will ultimately lead to improved care of scoliosis patients. I would like to thank our mentors for being very accommodating in answering all our questions and guiding us even with our actual cases in the clinics via email. Thank you for all your research work in the advancement of knowledge on scoliosis. I am looking forward to the possibility of a SPORT brace course for physiatrist and orthotist, and I am looking forward to meeting you and my classmates at future conventions once it is safe to travel.  Happy happy New Year!


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