Participants in this training will learn how to assess scoliosis patients and identify those who require referral to more experienced experts. The primary clinical justification for their choices will be taught to the students, along with the risk factors that must be considered and how to assess them. They will be given a thorough rundown of the primary therapy options and the conditions for which they are most appropriate. The best available evidence for each treatment should be known by our students, who should then manage their patients appropriately.

Three recorded lectures will open each module (which lasts for two weeks on average), after which the student will be advised to read related materials. The lectures are available for two weeks, so students can see them whenever they choose.

Additionally, each module includes discussion groups where members must actively and pro-actively engage in order to explore the issues raised.

The instructor will summarise the information covered during the live lectures at the conclusion of each module and invite students to share their opinions on any contentious topics. Additionally, live chats are available for participant interaction, and polls are available for voting on suggested treatment alternatives and clinical case decision-making.

The initial module will be made available on January 25th, 2024.

Program Edition 2024

Module 1 

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Radiographic evaluation
  • Modern evaluation tools
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 8/2/2024

Module 2

  • Aetiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Sagittal balance
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 22/2/2024

Module 3

  • Natural history
  • Classification and treatment approach
  • Bracing evidence
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 7/3/2024

Module 4

  • Bracing schools
  • Boston brace
  • Lyon brace
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 21/3/2024

Module 5

  • Clinical Guidelines to treatment
  • ART brace
  • PASB
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 4/4/2024

Module 6

  • Therapeutic protocols
  • Rigo Cheneau System
  • SPoRT concept – 1
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 18/4/2024

Module 7

  • SpineCor Brace
  • Secondary scoliosis
  • SPoRT concept – 2
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session:  9/5/2024

Module 8

  • Early-onset scoliosis
  • Surgery
  • SPoRT concept – 3
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 30/5/2024

Module 9

  • PSSE: actual evidence
  • Exercise schools
  • SEAS – 1
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 13/6/2024

Module 10

  • Schroth method
  • Barcelona school
  • SEAS – 2
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 27/6/2024

Module 11

  • Adult scoliosis
  • Adult idiopathic scoliosis: evaluation and therapeutic choices
  • SEAS – 3
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 11/7/2024

Module 12

  • Adult idiopathic scoliosis: conservative treatment
  • Adult idiopathic scoliosis: surgical treatment
  • Mixed Clinical Cases
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 25/7/2024

Module 13 - Summer Break

  • Patient perspective
  • Surgery in early-onset scoliosis

The Live appointments after the summer break need to be re-confirmed again

Module 14

  • Screening
  • Discussion Group sessions 

Live session: 5/9/2024

Module 15

  • LBP and deformities
  • Discussion Group sessions

Live session: 19/9/2024

Module 16

  • Idiopathic scoliosis: psychological issues
  • Discussion Group sessions


Final exam: 3/10/2024 - 3/11/2024

Final Live session: 17/10/2024   Conclusion and Take-Home-Messages given by the Teaching Staff


Live sessions: 1pm - 2pm Rome local time - Please take into account time differences due to local daylight-saving time in your country and in Italy

Lectures are delivered using the Vimeo video streaming platform 



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