I am very honoured to have participated in this course among professionals from all over the world. This is an incredible opportunity to learn the ropes from the best experts in the field of conservative treatment of spinal deformities. After this Master, continuing to increase awareness about scoliosis, offering treatment in step with the current international guidelines, especially in the most vulnerable parts of the population, became for me an ethical duty: not only because it is a topic that has been affecting me for nearly 10 years now, but also because, through my experience and the knowledge acquired during the Master, I had the opportunity to become the first accredited in my country, opening the doors to a new approach for the conservative treatment of scoliosis also in Moldavia.
The organisation is very didactic, starting with the basic knowledge and evaluation techniques, evolving to more specific subjects, and finally, when the students already have some knowledge framework, focusing on the suggestion and discussion of clinical cases. The live lecture was a perfect conclusion for the discussion groups. Most of the recorded lectures had great-quality content and a very good visual presentation.


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