Cornelia Luchsinger Lang


First of all, I want to thank you all for that great course. It was a pleasure for me to participate and to be a part of this year's online master. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.

The following points I want to mention, especially:

  • It was very comfortable for me that this course was an online course. Therefore, I had the possibility to learn whenever I had time. I could stop one lesson when it was needed, or I could repeat the lesson that helped me a lot.
  • I had the feeling that I got updated knowledge about the conservative treatment of scoliosis, which helped me a lot in understanding the disease. I am now able to give input to our team and inform parents and scoliosis patients.
  • As a physiotherapist, it was very interesting to know more about bracing and to see how interdisciplinary collaboration could work.
  • The discussions deliver insight into the treatments in other countries, and I could benefit from the experience of others.
  • I got more security from reading scientific papers and could open my mind to contemplating scoliosis from different sides.


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