Irina Bujac


Much obliged to the Italian Scientific Spine Institute for having elaborated such an effective instructive platform, that not only gives the access to the most valuable scientific resources, but also provides lessons with the highest-ranking teaching staff: a unique opportunity for my native soil Republic of Moldova and for the countries that may not have sufficient support for the research and development of conservative treatment of spinal pathologies.

Nowadays, to acquire such a deep knowledge from an Institution placed in the front seat regarding publications on diagnostics and rehabilitation treatment of scoliosis should become a "must" for every professionist enrolled in this field. The contribute of this team of experts and their innovations are simply revolutionary.
As a matter fact, in Italy only 12% of patients treated with Isico undergo surgery compared to 39% of patients from North America!

All the mentioned above was not said because of the fact that I have studied medicine, kinesitherapy and psychology, but because I succeeded to be acqainted with 3-D active self-correction, 3-D Sforzesco brace, thermobrace sensor, that not only turned back the clock on the complex disease of my child, but also brought back peace of mind in our family.

Grazie infinite.


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