The interview


Seda Türkyilmaz, Turkey


What is your profession?

I’m a physiotherapist

How is the rehabilitation treatment of spine diseases managed in your country?

Patients consult sports or orthopaedics doctors or physiatrists in government hospitals or specialised clinics. Some of the doctors have their own health teams, but some do not. The doctors who don't have a team send the patient to 3D specialised physiotherapists who work in their physiotherapy clinics like mine.

Scoliosis: how is it treated?

It differs from the team director, generally the doctor. They usually obey the angle rules and make the decision to X-ray; they do not care about clinical and functional assessment, I think. 

What would you like to improve on the clinical practice currently followed in your country? 

Same as above: pelvic-floor-based physiotherapy.

What can the Scoliosis Online Master Course PPSCT give you, and how do you think you can apply this knowledge in your daily clinical practice?

I have a specialised pelvic floor and spine clinic. I have been a pelvic floor therapist for 11 years. There is a strong relationship between pelvic floor and spine problems. I see that, with early intervention to the pelvic floor and spine, we can change epigenetics, and a strong, healthy and body-aware generation is near.



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