The interview


Waeel Abdalla, Egypt


What is your profession?

MD/DC, I am going to be a scoliosis clinician.

How is the rehabilitation treatment of spine diseases managed in your country?

It is treated with physiotherapy, including exercise and electrical and physical modalities.

Scoliosis: how is it treated?

For me, I will never wait and see if, even with non-progressive “steady” cases, they could share their experiences and spread the knowledge among the patient group for support. I believe that in scoliosis, we all need more and more of non-stop information and knowledge.   

What would you like to improve on the clinical practice currently followed in your country? 

I would like to see middle-school screening implanted.

What can the Scoliosis Online Master Course PPSCT give you, and how do you think you can apply this knowledge in your daily clinical practice?

This course is giving us the missing principles in scoliosis knowledge that are required for any scoliosis clinician and the right track to follow.



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