The interview

Karen Amaya Solìs, Perù

Karen Amaya Solìs, Perù

Which are your studies?

I studied medicine at Ricardo Palma University (Lima – Perú), and did the specialty in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima- Perú).

Which is your profession?

I am a Medical Doctor, Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Why you did register for the World Master?

Because I was interested in expanding my knowledge about the management of scoliosis, using the newest quality information and following current clinical practice guidelines.

What makes the World master different from other education courses and masters?

It allows to share information and experiencies with colleagues around the world. You can also accommodate your study time according to your own schedule.

Are you satisfied with what you have learned?

Totally, I obtained accurate and well-structured information about scoliosis that now I can use in my clinical practice.

If you had to recommend it what would you say?

It's a great opportunity to learn with the best teachers; doctors who have the greatest experience in scoliosis. The best thing is that you can interact with them and solve your doubts.


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