We want students to be able to evaluate scoliosis patients, to be able to discriminate those patients needing more expert professionals to treat their scoliosis, students will learn the main clinical reasoning guiding their decision making, the risk factors which have to be considered and how to evaluate them. The attendants will have a complete overview of the main available treatment options and their indications. We want students come to know the best evidence for each treatment and to manage their patients according to the EBM.

In each module (two weeks lasting) the activity will start with three recorded lectures, associated with  pertinent readings. The lectures of each module are available for 2 weeks and hence can be self-administered by the students at a time suitable for them. The students have at their disposal  a forum where they can address their doubts or concerns to the faculty.
During the live lecture, at the end of each module , the coordinator will answer questions and present to the attendants the point of view of each controversial issue. Participants can interact live in a chat and they will be asked to vote in polls during the lecture.

The Program Schedule

Lectures (all lectures are available for the students online for two weeks prior to the live sessions)

Module 1

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Radiographic evaluation
  • Modern evaluation tools
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 8/2/2018

Module 2

  • Aetiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Sagittal balance
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 22/2/2018

Module 3

  • Natural history
  • Classification and treatment approach
  • Bracing evidence
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 8/3/2018

Module 4

  • Bracing schools
  • Boston brace
  • Lyon brace
  • LBP and deformities
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 22/3/2018

Module 5

  • Clinical Guidelines to treatment
  • ART brace
  • PASB
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 5/4/2018

Module 6

  • Therapeuthic protocols
  • Rigo Cheneau System
  • SPoRT concept – 1
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 26/4/2018

Module 7

  • SpineCor Brace
  • Secondary scoliosis
  • SPoRT concept – 2
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 10/5/2018

Module 8

  • Early Onset scoliosis
  • Surgery
  • SPoRT concept – 3
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 24/5/2018

Module 9

  • PSSE: actual evidence
  • Exercise schools
  • SEAS – 1
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 7/6/2018

Module 10

  • Idiopathic scoliosis: psychological issues
  • Schroth
  • SEAS – 2
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 21/6/2018

Module 11

  • Adult scoliosis
  • Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis: evaluation and therapeuthic choices
  • SEAS – 3
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 5/7/2018

Module 12

  • Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis: conservative treatment
  • Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis: surgical treatment
  • Scoliosis treatment: patient's perspective
  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 19/7/2018


Summer Break


Live lesson: 13/9/2018

  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 27/9/2018

  • Discussioon Groups

Live lesson: 18/10/2018


Final exam: 15/10/2018 - 29/10/2018

Live lesson: 8/11/2018: conclusion


Live lessons: 13.00 pm - 14.00 pm Rome time  -  Please consider local Daylight Saving Time in your country and in Italy

Lectures are delivered by means of the streaming video platform of Vimeo (www.vimeo.com)