The organization is very didactic, starting with the basic knowledge and evaluation techniques, evolving to more specific subjects and finally, when the students already have some knowledge framework, focuses on the suggestion and discussion of clinical cases.
The live lecture was a perfect conclusion for the discussion groups. Most of the recorded lectures  had great quality content and very good visual presentation.

This course has broadened my knowledge in scoliosis treatment. It gave me theoretical as well as practical point of view. In my PMR curriculum, we didn’t  go this deep about scoliosis.  It also gave me opportunity to meet scoliosis experts from all over the world.
Improve my clinical judgement in managing scoliosis patients. Manage my patients more holistically. Help me to find a way when I face difficult cases because I can  share or discuss with other colleagues.

I really liked the structure of the course, sometimes it was very hard because  it was very intensive, but on the other hand it had to be.I am just resident in PRM and I learned a lot of new information and methods of treatment. Teachers were very kind and helpful, ready to answer every question. It was very helpful for me.

The course was an excellent study of the research guiding best practice for the conservative management of scoliosis, presented by professionals with vast clinical experience in this field. The modules presented up-to-date information, supported by the selected research articles that directed us to scrutinize the most valuable studies on the topic.
The discussions promoted our further reading on selected topics, plus provided an environment for sharing of our own ideas and experiences.
This training provides me with the knowledge and understanding to make sound clinical decisions in planning and executing management of patients with scoliosis. It also provides me with the confidence to put forward my clinical reasoning and recommendations in team meetings where other professionals may not be as well informed in current management strategies

First of all I want to thank you all for that great course. It was a pleasure for me to participate and to be a part of the this year online master. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.


Much obliged to the Italian Scientific Spine Institute for having elaborated such an effective instructive platform, that not only gives the access to the most valuable scientific resources, but also provides lessons with the highest-ranking teaching staff: a unique opportunity for my native soil Republic of Moldova and for the countries that may not have sufficient support for the research and development of conservative treatment of spinal pathologies.


This course has taught me a lot about scoliosis. Thank you and your team.

The master course give me an overall knowledge of Scoliosis conservative treatment.
The treatment options shared by other participants from the world are interesting and let me understand the treatment from different point of view.
I recommend the experts interested in Scoliosis conservative treatment join this course.

Thanks for the excellent course provided.
This is the most thoroughly organized course I. Have ever had. The main purpose for me is to really have a systemic opportunity to learn scoliosis. I think I achieved this goal.
This course is really great. I learned a lot. Now I feel more confident to discuss scoliosis. Thank you so much for organize such a wonderful course.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for the good news and please tell everyone on the ISICO Team thank you. This has been a wonderful course. I have integrated much of what I have learned in the course in the courses that I teach at Logan, citing you and your references. I have also introduced ISICO and SOSORT to many of my colleagues at several chiropractic conferences at which I have presented.

Thanks for an awesome experience. The course is great, it really covers a broad array of topics pertinent to the conservative management of Scoliosis. This should be a must for anyone involved in Scoliosis management.

The scoliosis masters course is the most comprehensive review and instruction in scoliosis management available. The lectures are world class. The content is extensive, up to date and evidenced based. This course gives clinicians a very deep understanding of scoliosis and non-surgical management.  I highly recommend it.

Thanks to all my colleagues who made this an intellectual adventure!
Thanks to our professors who guaranteed excellence in the course content!
A great experience all around.